Sistas the Musical is Sensational

Cast of Sistas

CNM – – June 5, 2013

The off Broadway hit musical Sistas The Musical is a nonstop celebration that touches on all issues from racism to innocents lost.

The Musical kicks off with the news of their grandmother passing and the four Sistas unite while up in the attic trying find the perfect song to honor their grandmother’s legacy at her memorial service. The uplifting and inspirational story follows the Sistas as they discuss their family history and the history of African-American women through popular music spanning four decades of female

Artists help tj from Billie Holiday to Beyoncé and even Kelis.

Sistas had me from the start with My Milkshake and kept the energy going higher and higher with each and every song sang throughout the Musical. Produced by Three-time Tony award winner Hinton Battle and directed by Smash’s Kenneth Ferrone, the off-Broadway musical is a must see. If you don’t own this wonderful and masterfully designed musical that tells an empowering message to all women and men, teaching us each step of the way. As the Sistas discover new things about their grandmother they express emotion through lyrics which tells the story in such a vivid light.

There is never a dull moment in the musical as it speeds by. The Musical is easy to watch over and over again while the actress are compelling, motivation and truly captivate you. Our hats are off to the all-female cast which includes, Tracey Conyers Lee (Gloria), Jennifer Fouche (Roberta) Amy Goldberger (Heather), April Nixon (Simone) and Lexi Rhodes (Tamika). Unlike most, Sistas The Musical will keep emotionally attached and will help lift your spirits mind body and soul. The music has an excellent message that we all need to focus on. It’s a journey of Sistas who are all connected and each of them shares their memories explaining their Grandmothers story.

Personally, I loved the musical and highly recommend watch the DVD which released today. Sistas The Musical is actually one of the best plays I’ve seen in a minute. There are so many lessons to be learned from this musical. We highly recommend this play. gives this musical a 9 of 10!

If you are in New York, then make sure to see off-Broadway musical; Sistas The Musical!