Hillcrest High School Students Review SISTAS: The Musical

Hillcrest HIgh School, Queens NY – Teacher Amy Morrison – January 22, 2013

“Sistas was an Amazing Production! I enjoyed the song choices as much as I loved the story. It tells a story that a lot of African American women can relate to. Not only was it full of information, it was hilarious. Anybody can relate to this play. Definitely something I would see again.” -Marie Marrero 12th grader

“Seeing Sistas make you think of the black culture differently. Not only how they went through slavery and hard times but also the 3 sisters had a great way of telling their story to the audience by every song they sang. The songs that the playwright chose to interpret this story was not only fantastic because you got to sing along to the ones you knew but also very understandable and related to the ply in so many ways. After the show we had an amazing time meeting the actors and seeing their point of view on the play and how they interpreted the play in their own way. We are looking forward to the actors, director and playwright to be guests to our Thespian show –“The Gem of the Ocean” in December. -Kelly Persaud 12th grader

“Sistas, Sistas, Sistas, what can I say about this show? Mmmmmm, well, it was a great show!!! I loved every second of it; from the little announcement in the beginning to the last bow, I was on the edge of my seat. Being such an interesting topic that doesn’t get talked about too much. Every line, every song lyric, was delivered in a way that was easy to follow, and with such a fabulous cast and band, it couldn’t have gone any other way. We were able to speak to the cast and writer and producer after the show and they answered all our questions with kindness and knowledge. Being that I am a Theatre student very much interested in performing on the “Big Stage” one day I really appreciated every minute they took out of their busy schedule to talk with us. ” -Amanda Morris 12th grader

“SISTAS!!!! – This was such an amazing show, at first I was a little skeptical of seeing it being that I usually don’t see a lot of plays- this was actually my second time and it was absolutely amazing from the story line, to the individual characters, the different genres of music from the past to present. It was real inspiring and fascinating how someone of your ethnicity to come up with such a uplifting story that many African American women can be happy to express their culture in a great way. I enjoyed it very much and I’ve recommended many to see it! You should continue writing your extremely talented!” – Karrone Mills 12th grade 🙂

“Sistas was an absolutely amazing show, better than half the shows I’ve ever seen on Broadway! I felt really connected with the family relationships. The characters had great chemistry and made the audience feel like we were experiencing a real life situation from behind an invisible wall. The characters in Sistas personally made me appreciate and respect the women of my family much more! I would recommend this show to anyone and everyone, it is just a theatrical masterpiece!” -Dianne Ramkumar 12th grade

“I thought Sistas was AMAZING!!! I loved that the musical had songs a lot of people know. I couldn’t look away at all when watching this musical. I couldn’t help but to smile the whole time. I felt like there was a lot to learn from the musical because it had a lot of history tied into it. It showed the women coming together even though in the beginning they were all snapping at each other. The musical had so many funny moments which helped to keep me interested and wanting more. It was just AWESOME, AMAZING, EXCITING & FUN! I hope a lot more people go see SISTAS because I loved it!!!”
-Emani Adams 12th grade