Playwright Dorothy Marcic: Sistas: The Musical

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Sistas bannerThis week on TALK! with AUDREY TV: PLAYWRIGHT DOROTHY MARCIC talks to Audrey about her latest theatrical production SISTAS: The Musical.

Storyline: After a matriarch’s death, the women in the family clean Grandma’s attic and find love and old memories packed away, and in the process, hit tunes that trace the history of black women, from the trials of the 1930s through the Girl Groups of the 60s to the empowerment of the 90s.

Songs include “Oh, Happy Day,” “I Will Survive,” “Tyrone,” “I am Not My Hair” and “A Woman’s Worth.” Sistas: the Musical, the story of African-American women through Top-40 music, is produced by 3-time Tony winner Hinton Battle, written by Dorothy Marcic (writer of “RESPECT: The Musical,” which has played in 20 cities), and directed by Kenneth Ferrone.