An interview with

Rachael Price and Taylor Ashton

For later broadcast on Public Radio stations

Date & Location

Wednesday, August 24,  2022
New York City Baha’i Center ~ 53 E. 11th Street
Between University & Broadway

Doors open at 6:40 PM
Show starts promptly at 7:00 PM.
Please be COVID-responsible and wear a mask to this event.



About Rachael

Born in Australia, Rachael is an American jazz and blues singer, and is the featured performer in Lake Street Dive Band. She grew up in Tennessee into a family that overflowed with musical talent and had the opportunity to travel to many countries where her father directed  Bahá’í choirs.  Rachael fell in love with jazz at a very early age, and pursued a career in music. She released her first album at the age of 17, and went on to graduate from the New England Conservatory of Music in Massachusetts.

Speaking of how the Bahá’í Faith has influenced her musical career, Rachael says, “We believe that music is praise, and that is service, and service is prayer, and so that’s how I think about it… I think music is an extremely spiritual art form. I doit for praise and gratitude. That’s what the Faith has taught me about music.”

About Taylor

Taylor Ashton is a Canadian singer and songwriter living in Brooklyn. He spent the first half of his twenties on the road across Canada as frontman of the band Fish & Bird before moving to New York to work on a new set of songs and a new chapter of life. His music takes influence from the cosmic emotionality of Joni Mitchell, the sage vulnerability of Bill Withers, the humour and heartbreak of Randy Newman, and old-time and Celtic folk music. Visit his website at