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Enjoy these special after-show (and other) photos featuring the cast of SISTAS!

Sistas Cast Performs at Earth Day
Helping to raise awareness about our planet, the cast of Sistas performs on Earth Day (April 22)


Dr. Butts and Cast
Rev. Calvin O. Butts, spiritual leader of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, paid a visit to the Off-Broadway hit, SISTAS: the Musical,
after which he stopped for a few photos with the cast. (L-R) Director Kenneth Ferrone, Tracey Conyer Lee, Jennifer Fouché, April Nixon,
Rev. Calvin O. Butts, Amy Goldberger, Marisha Wallace, and playwright Dorothy Marcic.


Star Sightings
SISTAS: The Musical has been attracting a fair share of celebrities.
1) Cast of SISTAS with Rahiem of Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five and WBLS host of Sunday Praise, Liz Black.
2) With actor Stephen Lang, star of Avatar, Terra Nova and In Plain Sight.
3)With actor Scott Cohen of USA Network's Necessary Roughness
4) With actress and comedienne, Kim Coles


CUNY photo
Tracy Conyer Lee, Peaches Diamond, and Jennifer Fouché at CUNY Women Veterans Military Conference.
Tracey and Jennifer represented the cast of SISTAS and performed for our Military ladies!


WITH THE MAYOR! - April 16, 2012

Newark's Mayor Cory Booker is beloved by his community and his recent act of bravery, running into a burning building to rescue a neighbor from a near fatal fire, has made him a global hero and twitter sensation.

Mayor Booker is known for his dedication to community and to the youth in that community. One of the youth activities that he supports is Newark's championship Double Dutch team.

Team on the Move, comprised of local Newark tween and teen girls were recently invited by the producers of the Off-Broadway hit SISTAS: The Musical, playing at St. Luke's Theater, to attend a performance of the play.

SISTAS is an uplifting story of an African American family. Based on a series of interviews conducted with Black women over a six-year period, and using a playlist of songs made famous by artists that include Billie Holiday, Lena Horn, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Mary J. Blige and others, this Musical tells of the struggles, the joys and the triumphs of being Black and of being a Woman in America.

After the play, the Mayor paid an unexpected visit to check up on his little ladies and to ask their reaction to the play. For many of the young ladies, this was the first live theater performance they had attended. For the group, which ranged in age from 10 to 17 years of age, the experience was made all the more special when the cast held a private Talk Back for them, answering their questions about what they had seen and explaining to them, a bit of the behind the scenes of a theater production.

Pictured here, the Mayor in his weekend clothes (jeans and sneakers) visiting NYC theater district to meet the cast of SISTAS and to check-up on his Double Dutch Champions, Team on the Move.

Mayor Cory Booker with Double Dutch kids at Sistas
Pictured here, Mayor Cory Booker in his weekend clothes (jeans and sneakers) visiting NYC theater district to meet
the cast of SISTAS and to check-up on his Double Dutch Champions, Team on the Move.

Top Row (L-R) Jennifer Fouché, Kate Loprest, April Nixon, Lexi Rhoades, Tracey Conyer Lee.
Lower Row Newark Mayor Cory Booker surrounded by double dutch champs, Team on the Move.


Mayor Cory Booker with Sistas Cast
(L-R) Tracey Conyer Lee, Kate Loprest, Lexi Rhoades, April Nixon, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Jennifer Fouché


Dorothy Marcic and the cast of Sistas appeared with special guest moderator, Sandra Bookman,
WABC-TV news anchor woman and host of HERE & NOW.


Sistas Cast VIP Guests at Windy Williams show
Cast members Lexi Rhoades, Tracey Conyer Lee and Jennifer Fouche, along with Sistas Playwright Dorothy Marcic,
were recent VIP guests of the Wendy Williams Show, and were in the audience for the taping.
They met with Wendy after the show in a private "meet and greet" and were given the full VIP treatment.

A little video made at the taping of the Wendy Williams show


Kim Coles with cast from SISTAS
Kim Coles could not have enjoyed herself more. She absolutely loved SISTAS
and could not stop gushing to our cast about how much she thoroughly enjoyed it and them!!
L-R: Lexi Rhoades, actress Kim Coles and Jennifer Fouché


Sistas Cast Has A Fun Night Out!


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